API Documentation

Feeling RESTful?

TwitPic uses a simple, RESTful API for uploading images/video and posting content. It features full access to all aspects of the site.

API v2

This is the preferred API for accessing TwitPic features. It uses the new OAuth Echo authentication method created by Twitter.

Media resources

User resources

Comment resources

Place Resources

Face Tagging Resources

Event Resources

Tag Resources

API v1

Our OAuth API is still available for compatibility reasons if you need it. It does not use OAuth Echo, so it requires a few extra parameters.

Available Methods

Other API Uses

These are ways to interface with TwitPic that fall outside of our standard API functions mentioned above.

Rate Limiting

Certain areas of the TwitPic API are rate-limited in order to prevent abusing our services. The current limit is 500 API requests per hour per IP address. All API calls are rate limited, except for:

  • Create or upload API calls
  • Retrieving image thumbnails

In the HTTP response header, information about the current rate limit and how many calls you have left is available under X-RateLimit-Limit and X-RateLimit-Remaining, respectively.

If you think you will be exceeding the current rate limit, please submit a support ticket with information about your application/API needs and we may be able to whitelist your IP.

Unofficial Client Libraries

These client libraries are not developed by TwitPic, so we cannot give any support for them. However, most of them, if not all, should work very well.

If you own any of these libraries and would like some details changed, or if you have a library you would like to see in the list, send us a request and let us know.